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  • Minimum charge to transfer movie film to DVD is $75.00

  • 3" Reel = 50 ft. (4 min.) - $12.00

  • 4" Reel = 100 ft. (8 min.) - $20.00

  • 5" Reel = 200 ft. (16 min.) - $40.00

  • 6" Reel = 300 ft. (24 min.) - $60.00

  • 7" Reel = 400 ft. (32 min.) - $75.00

  • Call for prices on Bell & Howell FILMOSOUND & Polaroid Polavision

  • All film can be put onto files such as AVI, MPEG, Mp4, FLV, WMV and Apple MAC Quicktime files MOV & H.264. Call for pricing.



  • All video transfers are transferred to DVD using premium quality DVDs.

  • All transfers come standard with a vinyl library case and cover printed with a title of your choice.

  • Editing out parts that are completely dark or extremely light.

  • Darkening or lightening the parts that need it.

  • Electronically adjusting the film color for better quality.

  • Adding a title at the beginning of the transfer.


  • Add light, easy listening music or music of your choice to the DVD for $20.00 for the first hour and $10.00 for every additional hour.

  • Order extra copies of your DVD for family and friends for only $10.00 each.

  • Editing price depends on the extent of the editing. Call us with your request.


  • We transfer your movie film to DVD using only premium quality DVDs. We record onto the DVD-R format for maximum compatibility with DVD players.

  • All DVDs come standard with a vinyl library case and cover printed with a title of your choice.

  • We clean, lubricate and splice the film (as needed) at no additional charge.

  • We take every step to condition your film.

  • Almost all film can be transferred regardless of age.

  • We return all of your film.

8mm, SUPER 8mm and 16mm FILM PROCESS:

Our system uses Emulsion Side Scanning to give you the highest quality picture.  This “Direct Imaging” process is fed directly into our computers.  Your transfer is flickerless with our special threading system even if you have some broken sprockets.  In the end you have a superior transfer that far exceeds most of our competition.

All transfers are done on the premises (always ask where your transfers are done) for the best quality control.

Our system can also convert Super 8mm with sound & Bell & Howell FILMOSOUND


Storage of your film can affect the quality, color and condition of your film.  Storage in the attic may have subjected it to extreme heat or extreme cold.  Storage in the basement may have subjected it to high humidity.  This is why you should not wait to convert your film to DVD!

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