Trusted Partners of Hecker Video

FOREVER FILM is a proud partner of Hecker Video, which has been a trusted name in the video industry since 1984.  Hecker Video is a family company and has been serving the Long Island Community for decades.  Lee Hecker, the founder of Hecker Video, lost his family’s recorded memories not from physical damage, but from the theft of his cameras and tapes.  The founder of FOREVER FILM, Alison Panagako, understands what it means to lose such priceless items.  Alison is one of Lee's daughters, and one of the family members in those stolen tapes.  It's sad to say she will never see herself taking her first steps as a child, or blowing out her candles at her first birthday party. 

Whether you're protecting your home movies against physical loss or choosing the convenience of viewing a DVD over an old format, Hecker Video and FOREVER FILM can preserve these priceless moments.  Its time to put away the old VCR and projector and bring your old home movies back to life.  Preserve these irreplaceable moments for you and your family before it's too late.  Remember, memories can fade, but digital records are forever.

Hecker Video and FOREVER FILM serve all of Long Island including Queens, Nassau and Suffolk Counties.  With our locations in Holbrook and Jericho, New York we make is easy and convenient to serve you.  Who wants to ship out their priceless videotapes across the country to a warehouse of strangers who truly don't care about the work they do? NOT US! As a family company we take great pride in the work we do, and we do the work ourselves.  Everything we do, we do with care!

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