Spring Cleaning?

Spring is a great time of year. Don't you just love opening the windows for the first time and getting some fresh air in the house? Do you, like many, have a yearly ritual of cleaning? You probably come across the same items every year, dust them off, and put them right back in the same place. 

But maybe, just maybe, you want to do a deeper cleaning this year? Possibly consolidate and throw away some junk you haven't used in ages? Have you come across your home movies during this yearly ritual? Instead of moving the dust from one home movie to another, why not get them transferred?  Ask yourself, when was the last time you even watched them?!

Transferring your home movies to DVD, or computer files, is a great way to clean out that closet you dread every year. We take your old formats, transfer and package them in a nice and neat case for easy viewing and preservation. If you want to go a step further, I'm sure you have a computer, right? Forget the DVD's, transfer your home movies to files and get rid of the clutter all together.  We can convert your VHS tapes and film to computer files, which you can store on your computer for years to come. You can copy and paste them to other computers, you can send them to family members and even store them on a back up hard drive for even better storage. 

The point is, clean out your closet for good this year. Not only are you saving yourself something to dust off next Spring, but preserve these memories for family and friends for generations to come.