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  • VHS or Super VHS - $18.00/ 2 hrs

  • VHS-C or Super VHS-C - $18.00/ 2 hrs

  • Each VHS tape over 2 hours, add $5.00/hour

  • Video 8, Hi8, Digital 8, MiniDV - $20.00

  • PAL Converted to US Format (NTSC) - add $30.00 to cost of the transfer.

  • Transferring Tapes to Files -$35.00

  • BetaMax Tape - Up to 2 Hours - $25.00

  • U-matic Tape - $50.00

  • Betacam Tape - $50.00


  • All video transfers are transferred to DVD using only premium quality DVDs.

  • All transfers come standard with a vinyl library case and cover printed with a title of your choice.


  • Upgrade to a custom package that includes images from your DVD on the library case, a custom disc label and an opening title and graphics at the start of DVD for $20.00.

  • Order extra copies of your video transfer to DVD for family and friends for $10.00 each.

  • Editing price depends on the extent of the editing. Call us with your request.




  • We transfer your videos to DVD using premium quality DVDs. They are recorded in DVD-R format for maximum compatibility with DVD players.

  • All transfers come standard with a vinyl library case and a cover printed with a title of your choice. You can customize your DVD case with images from the DVD or you can personalize the title with graphics.

  • All straight DVD transfers (no editing) have a chapter at 5 minute intervals to allow you to rapidly search through the DVD.

  • After converting your videotape, all original tapes are returned in their original condition.

  • Tapes recorded in the LP speed (4 hrs.- VHS) on a VCR are usually slightly grainier than tapes recorded at SP speed (2 hrs.- VHS). They also sometimes have problems with tracking lines. All attempts to transfer VHS to DVD are made to minimize these lines.

  • Tapes recorded in the EP or SLP speed (6 to 8 hrs.-VHS) on VCR have even more grain. On a VHS, Video 8 & miniDV conversion, we use only the highest quality machines to sharpen or upscale the picture.

  • Several tapes may be put onto 1 DVD

  • We also convert Video 8 tapes that were recorded with PCM audio

  • We can also convert your tapes into files such as AVI, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, WMV, FLV, Apple MAC Quicktime MOV & H.264.


  • Foreign tapes recorded in PAL or SECAM can be transferred to the US format (NTSC).

  • Tapes that are damaged or broken cost up to $25.00 for repair. Once we fix or repair a tape, we can put it onto a digital format.

  • There is no charge if the tape cannot be repaired.


  • Tapes that are crinkled in a spot can be seamlessly edited out.

  • Tapes that have moderate heat damage can sometimes be repaired and then transferred.

  • Tapes that have been damaged by extreme heat are usually beyond repair.

  • A MiniDV is a digital tape, but can get twisted, scorched or broken.

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